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Frequently Asked Questions

Because with Labels Forever® you are always guaranteed unbeatable quality at unbeatable prices.

Our labels are made of ultra-strong vinyl with an ultra-strong adhesive. They are tear-proof, weather-resistant, machine washable and dryable, waterproof, microwaveable and refrigerable.

All our labels are completely waterproof. The full range of our self-adhesive and iron-on labels are machine and dishwasher safe.

We have tested our iron-on labels in laundry, hot water and cold water with no problems. It is possible that the heat level of your iron was not sufficient when you applied your labels. You can try ironing them again with a slightly hotter iron. Please contact us if the problem persists.

Yes, our labels are made of ultra-strong vinyl with an ultra-strong adhesive, and because of the special printing method we use, the colors and names on our labels will not fade or discolor with use.

Both types of labels are equally strong. With our state-of-the-art printing process, there is no difference between the two options.

Self-adhesive garment labels stick directly to the care labels on the inside of the garment, but can also be used without care labels if you give up some of their durability for ease of application.

Iron-on labels, which are applied with a hot iron and adhere to all textiles, are mainly used for clothes that do not have care labels.

Our labels are designed for all age groups and labeling needs. While many of our labels and themes are geared towards children, our range is so broad and offers such a wide variety of designs, sizes, themes and colors that they are ideal for all ages and can be used anywhere.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The production process does not allow for the subdivision of an order. However, you could opt to put only your family name on the labels so that several members can share the use of them.

This is not possible. All images of the same theme will appear on your labels. However, when you choose one of our packages, you will be able to vary the themes of your labels by selecting a different theme for each type of label included in that package.

We will be happy to personalize your labels by printing your logo. We will let you know the price of such an order upon receipt of an email with the following information: products required, color details, quantities, lead times, and a copy of your graphic/logo.

The maximum number of characters allowed is 30. Keep in mind that the longer the inscription, the smaller the letter size becomes. It is important to always preview your labels to ensure clarity and legibility of all characters.

Our production process includes a rigorous control of all our products before packing and shipping any order. In the event that an error is found, please inform us so that we can renew your order without delay. If your order has been followed to the letter, we cannot be held responsible for the error and will charge you for the new order at the established price. See our Return Policy.