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About us

About us

A little more about us

When it came time to label our little girl's clothes and belongings when she started daycare, rather than using washable labels or writing her name in permanent pen on each item, we decided to make her special personalized labels. After all, we were perfectly equipped to do this since we had been doing commercial signs for so many years.

Our labels were so successful that other parents and friends asked us for personalized labels, prompting us to launch the branch:

100+ Produits

34+ Écoles

23+ Collèges

50k+ Étiquettes

Our quality labels

Just like our signs, our labels are made of ultra-solid vinyl on ultra-strong adhesive. They are untearable, weather-proofed and, of course, waterproofwashable and machine-dryableand resistant to the dishwasher, microwave and the fridge.

We wanted them not only practical and sustainable but also fun and coquettes. We offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes, models, themes and colors.

In fact, our labels are ideal for all ages and are equally suitable for teenagers and adults, as well as seniors who need to label their clothing and personal items in seniors' residences, retirement homes and other senior living facilities.

Our choice of assemblies meets all labelling needsWhether it is daycare, kindergarten, school, summer camp, or at work, sports, senior living, or elsewhere.

Thanks to our labelsYou can track all the items you own wherever they go, and recognize them immediately if they get lost.

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